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Managing your capital playing poker

You’ve surely read about the big poker stars that managed to get ahead in poker with a very little poker starting capital. There are players that have managed to go from zero to big amounts of money in online poker but it is important to understand that this took time and a lot of skillful poker play. Just how big your starting capital should be depends on what type of poker game you are playing, your level and in what poker room you play. You also need to learn more about general money management for poker to build an appropriate starting capital.

Money Management for Poker

Before you join a poker room online and deposit money to you starting capital you need to know just how much of money you are willing to lose. Don’t build air castles by considering how much you can win in various poker games. You simply focus on how much you can bare to lose and this is your starting capital. This money must, of course, be enough for the stakes you intend to play but your money management philosophy should always be to be ready to lose.

Ring Games

Ring games are also called cash games. For these you only need to have a starting capital that matches the bets you want to make. In ring games you put in your own money in the form of chips. The ring game is not a tournament game and there is no prize pool. You cash in when you want and cash out when you want. If you went in with $10 and walked out with $60 you made a profit of $50. It is that simple. Good sites for fast and easy ring games are 888 Poker (click here to join now, use bonus code COACH) and Party Poker (click here to start playing at Party Poker, use bonus code COACH500). These sites always have good ring games at different levels ready to go.


If you see the abbreviation SNG you should know that it means Sit & Go. SNG poker games are tournaments but they are not scheduled. You get into the poker room and as soon as the SNG table you picked is full it gets started. These games are excellent for a small starting capital since the buy in is usually pretty low and to this you only have a small fee to pay to get started. Good poker rooms for SNG poker games are 888 and Full Tilt Poker.


Poker tournaments can be found in all variants and therefore you will be able to find one that matches your starting capital. Make use of freeroll tournaments if you have a small budget and check out sites like 888 and Full Tilt poker for the best tournaments with big prize pools.

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