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One of the first things a poker player should do, is to familiarize themselves with the best poker rules online. Playing without a good understanding of the poker rules would just be throwing money away, if you were to play real money games.

The basics of poker rules really are no different when you are playing poker online as opposed to live poker. Regardless the type of Texas holdem game you are playing (be it no limit or pot-limit, fixed limit, or with antes), the rules of the 4 rounds of betting will be the same.

Pre-flop betting round

You are dealt your two (pocket) cards facedown. The pre-flop betting round is the first betting round and the action starts with the player in the UTG position. In this betting round, players can call, raise or fold their hand.

The flop betting round

Once the pre-flop betting is finalized, everyone sees a flop consisting of 3community cards which are placed openly at the center of the table. Now, the second betting round takes place starting, this time with the player in small blind position. This player will now be first to act on future betting rounds during the hand if they don’t fold its only pre-flop when this is not true.

In case the player in small blind position folded before the flop, the betting action will start with the player in big blind position that can’t fold having already committed a big blind pre-flop, unless there was a pre-flop raise.

The turn betting round

Once the flop betting round is finalized, everyone sees the next card known as the “turn” card. The next round of betting takes place and this is usually the main decision you will make to decide whether or not you really like your hand enough to go with it until showdown.

The river betting round

Then the “river” - the last card- is dealt. This is the final betting round for all players who are still involved in the hand and if you have nothing, betting is the only way to win the hand. If the action is checked around, the players show their hands (showdown) and the best hand will win the hand and the pot.

If you are unfamiliar with the poker hand rankings you should really learn them as they’re fundamental to the poker rules online. Otherwise, knowing who wins at showdown can get confusing. Of course, if you bet during the river betting round and the other players fold, you win the pot without a showdown.

In Texas hold'em you always want to try and have the best hand at showdown. If you don’t have a pair at the very least then you don’t have much showdown value. The player holding the best hand consisting of five cards rakes the pot. In a situation where the 5 community cards form the best hand, like a 5 card straight or 5 card flush, it becomes a split pot and the pot is divided between all the players still in the hand.

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