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Playing Freeroll Tournaments

Due to the increasing popularity of online poker, most poker sites trie to win over poker players by offering the option to start playing freeroll tournaments. Many sites give entries to tournaments to players that have signed up or deposited recently after they have played a specific number of hands. But you can even build a bankroll without depositing at all - by cashing in at freeroll poker tournaments, also known as freerolls. Those are ideal to get started, practice and improve your poker tournament skills, and who doesn't like the option to win money without risking any of their own funds?

Downsides of Freeroll Tournaments

These freeroll poker tournaments have their downsides as well. First of all, lots of amateur players will be found in those tourneys, so you will experience some bad beats and you will need a lot of patience. And since it is a freeroll tournament focused on new players you will meet some guys who play their first poker tournament. The advantage is that they are easier to beat. But this comes with a disadvantage as well - it will be difficult to put them on a hand, since they make loose calls, don't respect legitimate raises, are next to impossible to bluff etc. The solution is to make value bets against them with good hands, and never to get engaged in expensive hands with those players unless you have a great hand!

Where to play Freeroll Tournaments

All that said, freeroll poker tournaments are a good thing offered by most the various poker sites. One site that can be especially recommended for their huge amount of freerolls would be 888 Poker. They offer freerolls for new players (lots of fish here!), for new depositors (less participants), and for players who have re-deposited or after they have accumulated a certain number of points.

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