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Hand names and their meaning

When you start playing poker and games like Texas Hold'Em there is some poker terminology that you will want to familiarize yourself with, including terms used to describe poker hands names because there is a very good chance you might be paired with them.

You'll want to really study and learn these poker hands names so that way you know exactly what to do when you are dealt one of the hand names. Remember that in order to get good at poker you've got to first read and study the game, and learning poker hands names can put you at a big advantage compared to other players that might not know exactly what they are doing.

After you sit down and ready to begin playing poker you'll usually get two cards face down. The cards that you get often times will be the only cards you'll see and they are called either pockets or pocket cards. At least once out of 16 times you'll get the pocket pair and that means you'll get a pair of the exact same card.

Before I really get into the names for paired hands pre-flop something that you should know is that the one hand name that looks really good is the AK Anna Kournikova also known as the Ace King and the big slick. However, while the AK Anna Kournikova looks great and might seem attractive it can be a tricky hand to play when you don’t make a pair on the flop.

  • The AA is known as American Airlines, Bullets, Rockets and Pocket Rockets.
  • The KK can be known as Krispy Kreme, Monarchs, Kangaroos, Gorillas, King Kong and the Cowboys.
  • The QQ is often called Ladies, Dames, or Cowgirls.
  • The JJ is known for either Jay Birds, Fishhooks or Hooks.
  • The TT is known for either tension and or dimes.
  • The 99 is known as Phil Hellmuth, Popeye's and the Gretzky.
  • The 88 is known as Race Tracks, Dog Balls, Fat Ladies and the Snowmen.
  • The 77 is known as Mullets, SunsetStrip and HockeySticks.
  • The 66 is known as Cherries, Kicks, or Route 66.
  • The 55 is often called nickels, speeed limit and Presto.
  • The 44 can be called middle age, sail boats or either magnum.
  • The 33 is often called Treys or either crabs.
  • The 22 is known for Deuces, Pocket Swans or either Ducks.

Many players like going into the flop whenever they have a pocket pair but the thing is flopping a set does not happen a lot. Other poker hands names that you should know include:

The AK also known as Walking back to Houston or the Big Slick.

The AQ is to a lesser degree known as Doyle Brunson, Bick Chick or the Little Slick. Although Doyle Brunson's hand is T2 his name is also associated with Ace Queen because of his well-known distaste for the hand.

More poker hand names

However, some other poker hands names to study and review would be the AT, A5, A3, KQ, KJ, A3 and there are lots more that you should read about including poker hands names that might come with a big combination such as the KKK known for Three Wise Men and Alabama Night Riders then there is the Full House known as All The In Laws or the Boat.

After you get to know the poker hands names then playing poker might even get fun at times as you're saying the names back and forth. This is one way to spot out the new poker players because they won't have a clue as to what you mean.