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Which site is ideal for SNG players?

Sit and Gos, and SNG for short, are a very popular kind of tournament in online poker. The principle is simple: once a certain number (usually 6, 9 or 10) players have sat down at a table together, the action begins. There are also so-called multi-table SNGs, where the tournament starts, for example, as soon as 30 players are seated at three tables with 10 players.
SNGs are particularly suitable for building a bankroll because, compared to cashing in in a major tournament with many players, you will end up in the money rather often. In a SNG with six players the first two are usually sharing the prize money, with 10 players usually the room pays the first three. The advantage is that you can go into a sit and go at any time, but of course only if the online poker rooms has enough players, and offers enough tables, so you do not have to wait too long for the SNG to start. To make online SNGs more attractive, some online poker rooms have come up with something special - these poker rooms with the best SNG you will find in our rankings below.

Sit and Go Strategy

In these tournaments, the first goal must always be to make the money. Players who take high risks at the beginning of the tournament rarely end up in the money. Instead, in the early stages when the blinds are still low, focus on tight play and play only the best hands to take down small pots. Build a strong table image, and in the crucial later stages of the tournament players will respect your raises better. This makes it easier to steal a pot from time to time.

This strategy works particularly well in SNGs, since you play against the same player for the whole tournament, and of course, all players at the table watch each others very closely. It is therefore of utmost importance for you as well to know how the other players have been playing.

Ranking of online poker rooms with best Sit and Go's

1st Place
888 Poker - they have a special feature, the so-called jackpot SNGs. Those SNGs have different levels of buy-in, usually with six players at the table. If you manage to win six tournaments in a row you will win a jackpot of up to 75,000 $! Of course this is not easy, but it is not impossible. Moreover, there is a consolation prize jackpot for the player who finishes at least second six times in a row. A small drawback is the fact that the entry fee is relatively high because of this higher fee is what funds the jackpot.
Even if you fail to hit the jackpot, winning three in a row will already give a good boost to your bankroll. In addition, SNGs make excellent training grounds for final table and heads-up situations.
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2nd Place
Full Tilt Poker - they too have come up with something special, namely the so-called SNG leaderboard. This is simply a ranking on the basis of your results at the Full Tilt Poker Sit and Go's. The best players at the end of the month get with extra cash cash or admissions to major tournaments.
At Full Tilt you will find a particularly active SNG scene, especially at higher stakes upwards of $ 50. In general, Full Tilt is one of the most attractive online poker rooms of all, with an excellent software and lots of players. On top of that, you get one of the highest bonuses in the industry, namely 100% up to $ 600 on first deposit.
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3. Place
Party Poker - in terms of Sit and Gos one of the best online poker providers. You never need to wait very long for a SNG to start here. A big advantage is the relatively low fee in addition to the buy-in. Those who like to play major tournaments can find a lot of SNGs, through which you can qualify for tournaments like the weekly $ 300,000 tournament or the monthly million (SNG Satellites from $ 3).
In addition there are the highly popular Steps SNGs - these are tournaments where you start with low stakes and then the winners go to the next tournament level, and finally to the highest level at which a lot of money can be won.
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