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Payment Methods Compared

As soon as you are ready to play for real money the question arises just how you want to make your deposits. Basically, there are several options you are going to find in every poker room. Today, we are going to present you these various options followed by their advantages and disadvantages.

The credit card is one of the most common options. Although many of you have concerns about using your credit card for online transactions, it is extremely safe to do that at our recommended poker vendors. After all, the security standards of most poker vendors are much higher than those of online shops. The main advantage of credit cards is that you can access your money instantly and always send it back to your card again - that means your winnings can be accessed right away and withdrawn at ATMs. Debits and withdrawals are free of charge.

For those, who don’t own a credit card or can’t get one for reasons of financial standing, there’s the option of prepaid credit cards (More information at this link). It can be done very easily: Apply for a credit card and after approximately five days you’ll receive it in your mail. Now you’ll just have to activate it online and transfer money to it from your bank account. The money on your account can be used for poker at all times and winnings can easily be withdrawn after you’ve transferred them to your credit card.
Recommended rooms for credit card payment: PokerStars (download here, Bonus Code PSA2045) and Party Poker (download here, Bonus Code PTY500) – because of their exceptionally high security standards.

Paysafecards are another easy-to-use and safe payment method. You just have to check in order to find your nearest vendor (usually a kiosk or gas station), where you buy a receipt with your code, which you enter at your poker vendor’s checkout. You’ll be able to access your money right away. Disadvantage: You can’t withdraw any money with this option. It probably is the most useful for those of you with a lot of “hard cash”.
For this option we recommend all of the vendors on the list on the left hand-side.

Neteller is a so-called eWallet service, which specializes on virtual bank accounts on the Internet. In essence, they are a temporary store for your money which has the advantage, that you can transfer your money from your bank account to your eWallet so you can use it in online poker rooms seconds later. Of course you can pay in money at Party poker, cash in your winnings the same way and use them to play at Titan Poker after that. The transactions at poker rooms are free of charge but there are relatively hefty charges when you transfer your money from your eWallet to your bank account.

On top of that, the exchange rates from Dollar to Euro aren’t the best – which does not matter at poker rooms like Sun Poker or Titan Poker, where you can completely administrate your account in Euro. Another disadvantage ist hat the creation and verification of a Neteller account takes a couple of days – but you only have to do it once. A small advice: Don’t access your Neteller account from foreign countries because that might lead, depending on the country you’re in, to an instant ban. You’ll have to long-windedly identify yourself before you can use it again.
Recommended rooms for Neteller: Titan Poker (Download here, Bonus Code COACH100) and Party Poker (Download here, Bonus Code PKR100) – because of the option to administrate your account in Euro.

What has been said for Neteller applies to Moneybookers as well with the big difference being that account creation doesn’t nearly take as long and is less complicated. We again recommend to administrate your Moneybookers account in Euro and use a poker room that allows this as well.

There are only a few poker rooms that offer bank transfers. The best vendor for this option is Party Poker (Download here, Bonus Code PKR100). Here you can not only pay in money with instant transfers but also withdraw your winnings to your bank account. Party Poker does this really fast. Usually you’ll receive your money within three days.

There are a lot of other pay in options, but most of those are limited to the US. The ones mentioned above are the ones most convenient for Europeans.