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There are various poker sites available for players to register and start playing online poker in a matter of minutes. But the big question asked by many newbies to the game is, what is the best easy poker sites with plenty of micro stakes action? This article will look at playing at easy poker sites to improve your win rate so you can make more money.

Play Better Then Your Opponents

Disregarding tilt, if you stick to playing you’re a game then the biggest factor in determining how much money you will make when playing poker for a living is your competition ie. Your opponents and how well they play.

If you are playing against bad players its going to be significantly easier making money from them by taking advantage of their mistakes, as opposed to trying to get blood out of a stone against a nit that will only build a big pot with the nuts or close to it.

These bad players I refer to are commonly referred to as the fish or donkey in poker and it goes without saying why they are called this. However, you should not go out of your way to berate other players in the chat box due to playing badly, since its only going to give them a reason to leave the game.

Make Fewer Mistakes

In any case, these are the type of players who you want to be seated against at the tables. Basically it comes down to making fewer mistakes then your opponents, and because fish aren’t very good, they are going to make more mistakes then you if you’re playing good and you will eventually end up with their stack.

Though due to the anonymity of online poker you might think that it would be more difficult to find an easy poker site to play, but you are mistaken.

Take Full Advantage of Table Statistics

With the detailed table statistics featured in the games lobby of all the popular online poker sites, it in fact makes it extremely easy to spot a table that is pack full of fishy players.

The table statistics, namely the avg pot size and number of players seeing a flop, tell you a lot about the players in the game. The higher these numbers are, the looser most of the players at the table are. The loose players tend to be the fish and donkeys, because they have a tendency to play too many hands and overplay their cards.

So when thinking about an easy poker site to play on, the easiest way to find a juicy game is to fire up the games lobby in low stakes games, where there is no shortage of fish, then go through the tables and join a table with statistics which fit these requirements.

Remember, the higher stakes games such as 200nl or 400nl tend to have better players since there is more money in play, so it would be recommended to stick with the lower stakes at the easy online poker sites until you feel great about your game..

Playing in low limit games at fishy poker sites is a great way to learn poker and improve your game.

Easy Poker Sites With Most Fishy Players

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