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Online Poker Security Questions

Find some answers on the topic of poker room security answered here:

Your Question: Are my personal details safe?
YES. Every poker room that we promote on our website has a number of security protocols in place. Protecting the the identity of their customers, chosen preferences and other information - especially payment-related - they have collected is one of the top goals, and they make sure that your info will not be passed on to third parties. Colossal investments are being made by those companies in order to secure their servers, databases, backups, firewalls and encryption technologies.

Your Question: Is my money safe?
To answer your question, we would like to relay a question to you: Why would a successful online poker room that makes between $50,000-$500,000 a day mess around with money that isn’t theirs? Wouldn’t they be full-scale idiots risking license, reputation, and, most importantly, a very lucrative business by retaining funds players have paid in or righteously won?
As far as we know there haven’t been any issues like that. However, our aim is to constantly monitor the poker sites we promote to keep you up to date with relevant security information.

Your Question: Is the poker software rigged?
The poker rooms make their money by taking a Rake from almost every pot. They don’t care if player A, B or C wins the pot, because they will have their slice of it anyway. Therefore, the card distribution is truly utterly random. Some tend to blame the software being rigged when they lost a lot of money playing poker. But the reason for losing is not a biased system: it is because they were unlucky, frustrated or simply weaker than the other player(s). You can read more about this on their websites by clicking on the poker room links on our website.

Your Question: Are players cheating?
No matter how sophisticated the collusion between two or more players is, it must involve a play of a hand that would not be played that way without collusion. Many of the best online poker rooms have developed detection methods which allow them to catch unusual play patterns. In addition, they have employed poker security personnel, who make thorough investigations once their system has detected possible collusion or a suspicion complaint was received. If any player is found to be participating in any form of collusion, his/her account is normally closed immediately and permanently. Still, there is a low level of collusion possible, yet highly unlikely under normal circumstances since the benefits of colluding are questionable.

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